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Macro close up of a wild mushroom in the forest ground
Poisonous wild mushroom in the forest
Three small and delicate mushrooms in the grass
Senior couple enjoying a day at the Beach
Weathered tombs in a typical Catholic cemetery. Mausoleums
Ribeira District and the Douro River in the city of Porto, Portugal.
Green leaves texture photography
Weathered apartment building in Alfama quarter of Lisbon with many windows and clothes hanging to dry
Cityscape of Castelo de Vide
Shipwreck. Old rusty ship run aground or beached, rusting on the shore.
Weathered rowboat on beach
Woman wearing red long coat or overcoat walking away by weathered dome
Gothic windows in a dark castle room
Senior couple under umbrellas on Fonte da Telha Beach in Setubal
Life preserver or buoy and respirators pipes on ship
Swastika decoration of a Roman Domus or Villa
Old cross on abandoned sanctuary
Shipwreck on beach
Park bench on lawn overlooking lake
Lit votive candles in the night
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