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Macro close up of a wild mushroom in the forest ground
Poisonous wild mushroom in the forest
Three small and delicate mushrooms in the grass
Saint Mary Salome and Saint Barbara
Weathered tombs in a typical Catholic cemetery. Mausoleums
Ribeira District and the Douro River in the city of Porto, Portugal.
Cityscape of Porto with a view of the historical Ribeira Quarter
Telescope at observation point in Lisbon
Weathered apartment building in Alfama quarter of Lisbon with many windows and clothes hanging to dry
Spotted pig feeding
Entrance to Santiago de Antas church in Minho
Cityscape of Castelo de Vide
Entrance to Santa Maria da Devesa Church in Castelo de Vide
Woman wearing red long coat or overcoat walking away by weathered dome
Guimaraes Medieval Castle interior
Elevador da Gloria funicular in Lisbon
Life preserver or buoy and respirators pipes on ship
Medieval Castle with storm clouds in sky
Porto Medieval Cathedral
Park bench on lawn overlooking lake
Baroque sculptures in chapel
Long exposure shot of waterfall over rocks
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