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Arcangel Images Premium Collection
The Arcangel premium stock photography collection holds 300.000 carefully curated highly creative rights managed and royalty free images. It covers a wide range of general photographic subjects and themes, including people, landscapes, still life, concepts, historic, floral, travel… Right managed image licenses can be purchased with exclusivity or without.
Arcangel Smart
A new curated collection of rights managed and royalty free images taken with mobile devices. Images taken with these devices have an immediacy and freshness that is sometimes hard to capture with traditional cameras. File sizes are lower than our premium collections.
Arcangel Nx
Our Nx Collection contains non-exclusive rights-managed images.
The overall quality is on a par with our premium stock photography collection with the only difference being that images are not available with exclusivity, a slightly lower fee structure reflects this.
Arcangel Vintage Archive
Our Vintage archive contains thousands of beautiful period images dating back to the early 1800’s. These are not your usual famous historical images but are more personal and individual in approach and are perfect as book cover images.